About Me

Personable, Professional
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Robyn became an Athletic Therapist in 2009 and began her career combining the practice of therapy and student mentorship at the University of Winnipeg Athletic Therapy Centre. This is where Robyn’s unique style of therapy began. It is her belief that providing education behind each injury and explaining the purpose with each exercise prescribed will help deepen your involvement in the injury rehabilitation/prevention process. Robyn’s work in this partnership is to guide you through injury rehabilitation/prevention; it is your job to take ownership. Robyn involves you in the development of an efficient and strategic rehabilitation plan, allowing you to reach your injury recovery or prevention goals.

Robyn’s encourages sustainable lifelong practices, challenging the status quo of therapy and industry and always treating others with respect. She uses Athletic Therapy to inspire others to make positive changes in their lives and to do the things that inspire themselves.

Robyn believes in continually seeking knowledge as research and techniques are constantly changing. There is always room for improvement, refinement and discovery in this industry; she has spent a great deal of time developing an extensive skill set of techniques. Her seminars and workshops provide accurate and meaningful knowledge on a variety of topics relevant to the everyday person, the weekend warrior, the leisure activity participant and the competitive individual alike.

For more information on the types of services I provide, please consult the services page.

About My Team

Specialized Support for
Your Specific Needs

I have long believed that I do not hold all of the answers to solving every injury. Thus, I have spent the past 6 years building a community of well educated and like minded health care practitioners with a skill set different but complimentary to mine.

Often we work together as your therapy team to provide you the best possible treatments.

Sheena Paterson

Ian Ledger

Angela Pringle

Giulia DeLeo

Jon Paintin

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